Lighted Balcony Railing

This is one of my favorite pictures of a balcony railing recently. The lights behind the Mountain Laurel Handrails are from an antler chandelier which hangs over the foyer and grand staircase of this Alabama Lake Home.

Mountain Laurel Railing lit from behind by antler chandelier

Lighted Laurel Railing

Mountain Laurel Stair Rail Banister

Mountain Laurel Stair Rail Banister

This is a picture from one of the most recent projects where we actually used pieces of Mountain Laurel for the banister of the handrails. These custom mountain laurel banisters make the handrails look more alive and feel as if they are actually part of the forest along with adding a touch of beauty and comfort.  If you are looking for a rustic handrail for your home or any other Mountain Laurel piece, click the contact me now button to get started with a free estimate!

Mountain Laurel Railing

If you’ve never seen this before, then you’re in for a real treat. Mountain Laurel Railings are made by weaving together sticks and branches from the mountain laurel tree which is a common tree that grows in the Appalachian Mountains. The wood from this tree is very hard and strong and also grows in all kinds of crazy shapes in the forest. It is these shapes that guide the way that each railing is built. Master woodworkers take all these different pieces and fit them together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle to make a truly unique railing!

Framed Laurel Railing

This Mountain Laurel Railing is framed with cedar boards. These framed sections slide between two horizontal cedar 2x6s that are already installed on the job site. Before ordering, post to post measurements are needed for a quote. The framed sections are an upgrade to the regular Mountain Laurel Handrail. The side boards are cedar 2x4s and the ends of the sticks are sandwiched between two cedar 1x2s. Cedar is a nice lumber to match with the reddish of the sticks.

mountain laurel railing

Mountain Laurel Railing

Each handrail section is custom built to your measurements. Since each project is different, we gladly work with the homeowner, designers, architects and contractors to make sure that the delivered product is a wonderful work of art. We’ll work with your handrail design and offer recommendations for what to do.

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cat on handrail

Here is the inevitable picture!
Drum roll please…
Presenting: Cat on a Handrail


The internet has a love for cats and I share mainly pictures of different handrails and railings. We’ve seen wavy banisters, which I’m hopeful will soon turn into a project with a wooden banister. I’ve shared lots of pictures of railings at sunset or sunrise or with the light just so. and of course plenty of Mountain Laurel Handrail.
But this is the first pic I’ve shared of a cat on a handrail.
And I know how much the internet loves cats.

outdoor railing

Here is a beautiful shot of an outdoor railing. I’m not sure where it is but it seems to be high in a tower looking back down towards the earth. I really like the geometric nature of this composition especially the way that the sun casts the shadow of the pattern of the railing grid on the textured metal walkway. It’s really a beautiful piece!

outdoor railings

I love this picture of outdoor railings. It has an old world appeal of nostalgia and decay. Alright, so I know that might not be the most appealing thing, there is a certain mood that is created by the dilapidated building, broken handrail, water and ships at port. The black and white photography adds to the emotional impact of this outdoor railing.