North Carolina Mountain Laurel Railing

This North Carolina mountain laurel railing is made with unique mountain laurel balusters in the style typical found in this area. These branches give each railing section a special design that is not like the normal boring balusters.

North Carolina Mountain Laurel Railing

North Carolina Mountain Laurel Railing

Watch this video for more information about this North Carolina mountain laurel railing remodel project.

This project was completed in Highlands, North Carolina which is one of the places that the mountain laurel branch baluster railing style is thought to have originated from. There are various artisans and crafters that create these style of railings but some, like this one, are certainly superior to others.

Highlands, North Carolina Handrail

Highlands, North Carolina Handrail

Mountain Laurel Railing System

Mountain Laurel Railing comes in easy to install sections. These sections are all custom built to match what you’re looking for in your deck railing design. As you can see in the video above, the typical section is built with two boards of red cedar 2×4 at the top and bottom. The branches from the mountain laurel tree are then artistically fastened to the boards to create interesting patterns and shapes. No two sections are the same since the branches really give this railing system its unique character.

Red Deck Porch Railing

red deck porch railing

This railing was installed in Texas and the deck was painted red along with the top board of the handrail. The house has wood and log siding and large posts on the railing. Mountain Laurel Railings use branches instead of boring up and down balusters. Check out the kind of ceiling fans that were used on this covered porch, a cool different look instead of a traditional ceiling fan.

Stair Handrail for Interior

interior stair railing

Stair Railing for Interior

In this picture, the view is from the top of the stairs looking downwards toward the main entry and great room. The closed stringer on the stairs is perfect for installing the handrails since there are no ugly triangles. The railing and trim are all continuous for a seamless look to the installation. The carpenters who installed the Mountain Laurel Railing did a great job in getting it all to come together!

Interior Stair Railing

interior mountain laurel stair handrail

Interior Laurel Stair Railing

Mountain Laurel Railing works really well with many different kinds of decor. It doesn’t have to be rustic or wood as this picture shows. Here, painted sheetrock and wood paneling are the perfect backdrop for the branch railing on this stairs and balcony. It’s certainly the highlight and focal point of the great room and entry.

Interior Laurel Railing

Mountain Laurel Railings are great for an interior balcony. In this picture, the railing is accented by a cathedral ceiling beyond with tongue and groove paneling. This is a great look! The guard rail extends all the way to the floor too, which gives the whole installation a continuous look and feel.

interior laurel railing

Interior Laurel Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails

This is the iconic picture of Mountain Laurel Handrails installed on a deck. You can see the sunburst section from a previous post in this picture and really, this is such a great shot with the rustic rocking chairs in the foreground and the well-captured perspective of the deck receding away into the final timber frame post.

Railing Section

rustic railing to installThis is a single Mountain Laurel Railing section that is ready to be installed. This one has some unique shapes and curves to it. Notice on the right side that there’s a branch sticking out. This is so that it can be cut to fit the post and make it look more as if it had grown in place!

Sunburst Laurel Railing

sunburst laurel railing

While no two railings are exactly the same, it is possible to impose some kind of pattern on the branches. This section of railing is made to resemble a sunburst with the branches seeming to radiate from a central point. What other kinds of patterns can you think of?

Railing System

railing system

railing system

Mountain Laurel Handrail is a system and each section is fabricated to measurements that the customer provides. Each section is uniquely shaped by the branches and the master carpenters that weave them into intricate shapes. This is an example of a single section of railing.