Framed Laurel Railing

This Mountain Laurel Railing is framed with cedar boards. These framed sections slide between two horizontal cedar 2x6s that are already installed on the job site. Before ordering, post to post measurements are needed for a quote. The framed sections are an upgrade to the regular Mountain Laurel Handrail. The side boards are cedar 2x4s and the ends of the sticks are sandwiched between two cedar 1x2s. Cedar is a nice lumber to match with the reddish of the sticks.

mountain laurel railing

Mountain Laurel Railing

Each handrail section is custom built to your measurements. Since each project is different, we gladly work with the homeowner, designers, architects and contractors to make sure that the delivered product is a wonderful work of art. We’ll work with your handrail design and offer recommendations for what to do.

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